Friday, June 18, 2010

Pink Unity Lubricant Review for Fascinations

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Lubricant is a simple product, but one that many people sadly never think about using. I don't use it every time, but I go through enough that I was all too happy to review Pink Unity for Fascinations. Unfortunately, K and I won't be using this lubricant again even if we run out of our other lubricants and there's a worldwide lubricant shortage in the future.

Pink Unity, by Empowered Products Inc., is a hybrid silicone/water-based lubricant. The ingredients are as follows: propylene glycol, water, cyclopentasiloxane, butylene glycol, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer. It's glycerin-free and doesn't smell like anything. Why would one want a hybrid silicone-water lubricant? I didn't know before trying this product, and after using it I still don't know.

Yes, Pink Unity does not stain. Enough of it washes away with water to make it useless in the bathtub, but not enough to completely clean the tacky residue it leaves off a toy -- you need soap for that. It took scrubbing with soap and water to get it off myself after vaginal sex with my partner as well. Not only that, but I could still feel it the next day.

This gel isn't runny, but it's thin. We needed to use more than three full squirts to do any good, unlike the one small squirt we use of our beloved Maximus water-based lubricant. We only used Pink Unity for vaginal sex; I don't want to think about how much would be necessary for anal use. Even using as much as we did, it didn't make things as comfortable as our normal lube does. It did, however, make things more slippery, creating less friction and less pleasure. I didn't enjoy it much, and K says, "it didn't feel good at all."

 Alone, I tried this lube with a small (one-inch diameter), firm plastic sex toy, and even after slathering three full pumps of lubricant onto it, I still had problems inserting the toy. As for thrusting, it was painful. This has never happened to me before with this toy and any other lubricant. I tested it on my Tantus, Ophoria, and Happy Valley silicone toys, and it didn't melt any of them, but you should always do a patch test of your own before using a lubricant with silicone on a silicone toy.

I found Pink Unity acceptable for precisely one thing: clitoral masturbation with a hand. It felt pleasantly silky. But for vibration or insertion, forget it. Also, even if you only use it for clitoral masturbation, it will take a while to come off. I actually find it more difficult to completely wash off than my normal silicone lubricant.

When I took a picture of the Pink Unity bottle with Reyna, she removed the cap and started playing with it. So the cap is easily removable by cat. However, the lube isn't easy to get out of the bottle. We had to pump a few times to get it to start squirting. It's a nicely-shaped, sturdy bottle, though.

If you happen to be sensitive to glycerin, you like thin, slippery lube, and you only want lube for dry-land clitoral masturbation using a hand and nothing else, then maybe you'll like Pink Unity. I recommend everyone else get another lubricant. My favorite is Maximus, and I like Wet Naturals Silicone for use in the tub.

Thank you, Fascinations, for sending me this lubricant to review. Fascinations has a large selection of personal lubricants for most tastes, as well as lots of sex toys, and they're a great company, so go check them out.


  1. ICK ICK ICK ICK SO WRONG -the cat

  2. Thanks a lot. Now I now only have to worry about a zombie apocolypse, but a lube-shortage apocalypse as well. :-p