My Wishlist

Andromeda Glass Dildo

Babeland Nubby G  Babeland Remote Vibe Panty  Babeland She Comes First Kit

Bamboo Rope

Black Large Rubber Whip

Close2You Opus

Cry Baby

Downunder Toys Pretty Kitty  Downunder Toys Boy 1  Downunder Toys Bath Buddy

Dream Toys Watermelon Ice

Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe/ Soft Finger Combo

Flirty G

Fun Factory Layaspot (vanilla/blue)  Fun Factory Fly Microvibe (blue)

G-Swirl Vibe

Hardwood Dildo #225  Hardwood Dildo #278

Happy Valley Delight (blue)

Incoqnito Blade Necklace   Incoqnito Cuffs (rose gold)  Incoqnito Droplet Necklace

Je Joue Sasi  Je Joue G-Ki

Ki-Wi Glowing Vibrator

Leather Dragon Paddle  - all of MauiKink's tooled leather items are gorgeous

Lelo Ella (white)   Lelo Liv (green)   Lelo Lily 

Lovemoiselle Elodie

Luxotiq Athena

O2 Niagara

Papaya Tattoo   Papaya Rainbow  Papaya Turtle

Passion Flower Mini Vibrator

Phallix Dichroic Flute   Phallix Golden Curved Love Wand  Phallix Marble S-Curved G-Spot


Pyrex Glass Dildo w/blue and amber swirls  Pyrex Glass Dildo pink w/flower  Pyrex Glass Dildo sparkle

Pyrexions Purple Wave   Pyrexions Cobalt Wand  Pyrexions Love Baton  Pyrexions Purple Wand

Simply Blown Siamese

Tantus Faerie  Tantus Acute (white)  Tantus Curve  Tantus Little Flirt (purple) Tantus Beginner Ball Gag

Vamp Elvis Softskin in black (only in black, because it makes me think of Black Velvet)

Vida Urja Remote Luxury Vibrator  Vida Vanta

Vixen Creations Mustang (vanilla)  Vixen Creations Spur (caramel) 

We-vibe II

Whipspider Unicorn Horn  Whipspider Orchid


White Leather Leash  White Deluxe Buckling Collar  Locking/Buckling Wrist Cuffs, White  Locking/Buckling Ankle Cuffs, White 

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