Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beautiful men

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After having been in the sex blogging community for a little while, something that only bothered me a bit at first has started to seriously grate. There are pictures everywhere in the sex-positive community of lovely women of many sizes, and in many positions. Not of many ages, nor of many colors -- a big problem -- but still, women.


I find women aesthetically pleasing, but they don't do the first thing for me sexually. (With the possible exception of Kate Winslet.) I'm straight as a plank. I love men -- fat men, thin men, men of different ages, different colors.

What I want: men photographed, or painted, all by themselves, sexually. Show me bound men. Men in leather pants. Men with whips. Men smiling flirtatiously. Men happily erect. Men are sexually desirable, they are beautiful, they are hot.

I'm going to try, on my blog, to redress the balance a teeny bit. I'll semi-regularly post pictures of gorgeous men. I shall start with my favorite captain -- yes, it's Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise. Patrick Stewart.


  1. Cool! Jean-Luc is my man.

  2. I think traditionally erotic pictures of men tend to fall in the cheesy catagory, maybe that puts them off? Though I do love certain male participants of HNT.

  3. I've just started watching all of Star Trek Next Generation, and ohmigod is picard awesome. And nommy. :)