Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pink Medium Rubber Whip Review for Babeland Toys

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K and I aren't experts when it comes to flogging. The Pink Medium Rubber Whip that Babeland sent me to review is only our third flogger. I worried that the pink color would detract from the experience when K wielded it, though he doesn't care a bit. As gender-savvy as I like to think I am, I still subconsciously associate pink with girliness, and girliness with weakness. I know. I deserve a flogging for that.

Happily, my fears proved unfounded. While this flogger is nearly painless when used with a light touch, when used with force it stings enough to make me forget about the color entirely. It's not an immediate "pay attention!" sting, but a gradual, building one. You know how there are different kinds of spiciness in food? One kind burns your mouth as soon as you take a bite. Another seems mild; you're thinking "this isn't that spicy," and munching away happily, but eventually you realize you've had a gallon of iced tea, and you're going to need at least another gallon before you're through with the meal, and the back of your throat is on fire, and it's glorious. That's what the Pink Medium Rubber Whip is like. It's almost too easy to take... until it isn't.  

This flogger isn't perfect. Its falls sometimes seem to have minds of their own, making it occasionally annoying to control. Also, anyone with sensitivities to latex or rubber should avoid it. For advanced SM enthusiasts, it probably won't be more than a warm-up flogger; even I sometimes find myself wanting more. However, it would make an excellent beginning flogger for anyone who doesn't want to avoid pain altogether, since it can create a light to moderate sting.

One last thing: this flogger is a great cat toy. We may have to get a locking box just for it, because Marzipan can dig it out of the drawer. (And yes, our kitties were disciplining that stuffed wolf on the bed.) 

We enjoy the Pink Medium Rubber Whip, and I think we'll be using it for a long time to come. If our cats don't steal it from us.
Thanks, Babeland, for sending me the Pink Medium Rubber Whip to review. Check out the BDSM and other sex toys at this feminist, sex-positive store. 


  1. It looks so short. Like it's a cat toy. HAHAHA.

  2. Short = useful in many situations and positions! Including running across the living room floor with the handle in your teeth and the falls between your legs, if you're one of my cats.