Saturday, June 26, 2010

Multi-Position Beaded Silk Rope Review for

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K and I are trying to build our bondage collection, so I was quite happy when
offered me the chance to review the Fetish Fantasy Series Multi Position Beaded Silk Rope. The packaging has pictures of a scantily clad woman making faux "sexy" faces, but I wasn't going to let that bias me against the product. I wouldn't even hold the stupid "tie the knot!" marriage pun on the packaging against it, though they may as well have called it a "marital aid", a term I despise. No, I would -- and did -- judge the rope on its own merits, which renders a verdict of: it depends.

This rope consists of two pieces attached at the ends, and covered with silver paper. It's about 38 inches long. Large beads are strung along the rope, which you can use to create and adjust multiple loops. This opens up some interesting bondage and positioning possibilities, four of which are demonstrated on the package. No instructions come with the rope, so we used the package's photographs as a guide.

Are you planning to use this rope the way it's used on the model on the front and back of the package? Many people, including me, find that position highly pleasurable for penetrative vaginal sex, and it leaves you vulnerable for other play. Okay, first: make sure you're the right size. Skinny would be good. Short would help. Flexible would be great. I'm a 5'8, not very flexible size 12, and getting into the rope in that position took some serious work. Once I was positioned, I started to feel discomfort, first behind my neck, then behind my knees as the ropes slid down my thighs. I told K and he slid the ropes up my thighs and tightened them as much as possible using the beads, but after a few minutes, the ropes were cutting into the backs of my knees again. My neck felt even worse; I'm not a serious enough masochist to enjoy a rope digging into the back of my neck. I highly recommend wearing a collar while using this rope in position #1. We won't be using it again for that position, even with a collar, since it's just too uncomfortable for me.

Next, we tried the second position on the front of the box, which I will call position #2: a basic hog-tie. This worked substantially better than position #1. It was easy to get into, the rope felt fine on my ankles and wrists, and while I could move enough to make myself relatively comfortable, I couldn't roll over or escape. However, when we tried to tie K in this position, it proved impossible. He's only a little taller than me, but he's not as flexible, and the rope was too short to reach his limbs. But as a quick easy-in easy-release hogtie for me, the rope works quite well.

Then we tried position #3, in which the model's wrists are bound between her thighs. I don't understand the point of this position, since it's easy to close one's thighs while in it, and it restricts access. But it's comfortable enough. One can also use the rope as quick thigh cuffs, then attach the rope to restraints to keep the legs open -- but again, having a rope between one's legs tends to get in the way.

Finally, we tried position #4, or as I think of it, the "kneeling in a way that makes your ass muscles hurt" position. This takes significant co-operation from the sub, as it's tiring and easy to move out of. Still, for those who like mental domination and submission, it works, looks hot, and the rope doesn't chafe. 

If this rope were substantially longer, to fit more body types, came with some kind of padding for the neck, and didn't slip down the thighs in position #1, it could be a great product. But as-is, I can only recommend it for two of the four purposes its packaging advertises, and even for those, it could use more length. People with more bondage experience may be able to think of more ways to use this rope, though they may also be too advanced to find it useful.

One more thing: a small black blindfold with an elastic band also comes with the rope. It's not fancy, but it's comfortable for a cheap blindfold, and it works for light play.

Overall, I give this position rope a rating of two stars. We'll be using it for two of the positions advertised on the box (#2 and #4), but for position #1, the highly appealing one that the box shows prominently twice, it's far too uncomfortable.

Thank you,, for sending me this rope to review. has lots of other bondage and fetish and sex toys -- including lots of vibrators, of course. Click on the banner below to visit their fun store.


  1. You have far more stamina than I would have. I would probably give up after trying one FAIL position. Then give it to the cats, heh.

  2. You're 5'8"? Damn, girl, I am jealous of your height.