Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Review: Ophoria Pleasure No. 6 Dildo

I have changed sites. Click here to read my Ophoria Pleasure No. 6 review for Fascinations at elodieonlove.com.

Fascinations was kind enough to send me the Ophoria Pleasure No. 6 dildo by Lover's Choice, Inc. to review. I was out of state when it came last week and K told me a dildo had arrived in the mail for me. "What kind of dildo is it?" I asked.

"A purple one," he answered.

When we finally figured out the identity of the dildo, I was very excited. I have a huge wishlist, but this dildo was near the top. It's beautiful, with delicate scrollwork, it's a perfectly manageable size at 1 3/8 inch diameter, and it's made of 100% body-safe silicone. When I finally got my hands on this beauty, it surpassed my aesthetic expectations. It's presented in a pretty cardboard box, and the scrollwork on the sides, which looks a little bit like half of a treble clef, is lovely. Unfortunately my crummy camera can't capture the design, but you can see it here, most noticeably in purple. I took a picture of Ophoria Pleasure No. 6 next to a box of gourmet chocolates because it looks and feels like a luxurious treat.

Most of the pictures of this dildo online don't really show the front, which has two little nobs: one underneath its "head" and one at the bottom, on top of the suction cup. These nobs can be felt, particularly the one on top, and they feel wonderful. The scrollwork feels lovely too, but is less pronounced. It's a light texture, great for sensitive people. There's also a skinny silicone "ribbon" underneath the dildo's head. This can also be felt, but the reason I love this ribbon is that it makes the Pleasure No. 6 look like a highly stylized uncircumcised penis. A small seam runs down the middle of the dildo, but it can't be felt and is not difficult to clean.

This dildo doesn't just have a beautiful design; it has a beautiful texture as well. It's a little velvety and has a tiny bit of drag, but still feels comfortably smooth when it's being thrust inside. It's firm, but not hard, and has enough give to feel gentle. I enjoy dildos for clitoral masturbation as well as internally, and this is my new favorite dildo for that purpose. It's a perfect fit for labial and clitoral massage, and the texture feels divine.

I like to masturbate lying flat on my back. However, women who like to masturbate sitting up or in other interesting positions will find this dildo answers their needs, because it has a strong suction cup on the bottom. I stuck it to the rim of my bathtub and used it for a while, and it didn't budge. I then ran around sticking it to various things in my house -- if you've ever wanted to make love to your washing machine, here's your opportunity. I can not remove this dildo from what it's stuck to unless I slip my fingers under the suction cup. While taking the picture to the right, I pulled on the dildo as hard as I could, and it didn't move.

The Ophoria Pleasure No. 6 simply feels wonderful; the material, the texture, and the gentle firmness all combine in a sumptuous experience. It gives me more pleasure than I expected it to, both aesthetically and physically, and for that, and its reasonable price-point, it gets my highest rating and recommendation.

Thank you, Fascinations, for this 4-star toy.

Get a beautiful Ophoria Pleasure Dildo No. 6 for yourself or someone special at Fascinations, where it's on sale as of June 8, 2010 for only $38.24. Check out their other sex toys too. They're a great store I trust.


  1. Very pretty looking, and such a vibrant purple. I like that the suction works so well. Great review my dear!

  2. Thanks Gardenvy. It's not /quite/ as vibrant as it looks from the pictures on my site -- the last picture is closest.

  3. I request cats in EVERY sex toy review.

  4. That dildo looks absolutely gorgeous, it has a wonderful shape to the head and I'm so glad it worked out for you! And I agree with Epiphora, loving the picture of the cat. My cat has a tendency to sneak into pictures of anything and everything as well.

  5. Great review! I really want to try something like this.

  6. I've always wanted to try this one. But then I've since realized that there's very few surfaces in my apartment that are flat, and paint-free. =/

  7. Dangerous Lilly: it works in the bathroom and kitchen. Also, in the last picture, I stuck it on our Target (fake) wood coffee table. I bet you could rig something up.