Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Epiphora's Woodgasm Contest

Epiphora is holding a giveaway of awesomeness. See these dildos here? They are gorgeous, they are wood, and they are not cheap, even at SheVibe's good prices. Epiphora has gotten together with SheVibe to give one of these beautiful works of sexually satisfying art to some lucky person.

Part of the contest involves Twitter parties, one on Saturday, June 12th, 6 to 7 P.M. for those of us on Eastern Time. The other is Wednesday, June 16th, 9-10 PM Eastern Time. Epiphora will be asking trivia questions for extra entries to the contest. You can study at SheVibe's NobEssence page, NobEssence's website, and Wikipedia's dildo page. Here's the link to go to Epiphora's blog and find out all the details.

I'm getting the Allure if I win. I had a horrible time deciding between that one, the Seduction, and the Tryst. But the Allure isn't too big, and my boyfriend said he would enjoy using it most for fantasy roleplaying. So Allure it is.

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